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It's a start

Some quick thoughts before I hit the sack...

  • Jim Thome looks awfully comfortable in a White Sox uniform.
  • Seems like Ozzie wasted a perfect opportunity to get Boone Logan into a game right away. -- I loved the BOOOONE cheer for him when he was announced to start the game.
  • Comcast's pregame coverage left a lot to be desired. They spent most of the "banner raising" focused on the covered banners themselves, when the real show was the highlights on the Jumbotron. All that was needed was a few shots of the banners being revealed.
  • The White Sox scored 10 runs, while Paul Konerko went 0-4 with a GIDP. Think about that. When was the last time the Sox scored that many without Paulie's help?
  • In Jimmy Rollins' world, the Sox are on a 9-game winning streak.
  • I love the new ad that's running on SB Nation. How many of you are going to buy the Astros Championship Season DVD?