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Chris Widger parties like it's 2005

The last two games in Anaheim have been taken right out of the 2005 playbook. Two 1-run victories. One great pitching performance. Just enough clutch hitting. Ozzie using his bullpen and bench magic.

  • Earlier this road trip, I complained loudly about the way Ozzie filled out the lineup card. Today, even though he used his customary Sunday lineup, I was silent. Why? Because I actually liked the lineup today.
    1. AJ needed the rest. The next 4 games alternate between night and day games, and the Sox were not 100% sure that they would be facing C.C. Sabathia on Tuesday.
    2. Rob Mackowiak was giving Brian Anderson some rest against a tough right-hander. I'd rather have Anderson's glove in CF, but Mack stood a better chance at success against Ervin Santana.
    3. That left Cintron as the only tough-to-defend substitution. I can live with that.

  • Every single one of those subs contributed to the Sox victory.
    • Widger was 2-3 with a key sac fly, an RBI, and his single in the 9th turned into the winning run when Ozzie turned to...
    • Pablo Ozuna stole second, and scored on a wild pitch by Scot Shields.
    • Cintron made a key play at second base that I highly doubt Tadahito Iguchi would have made.
    • Mackowiak had a double plus some solid baserunning that helped take Jon Garland off the hook.

  • It looks like Matt Thornton, now healthy, is the White Sox new LOOGY. He was called on in the 8th in a tie game to turn Chone Figgins around. I'd much rather use Thornton as the LOOGY right now, simply because he has the ability to miss bats. He also has the ability to miss the strike zone a lot, so it's going to be a rocky ride, but I have much more confidence in him than I did when we traded for him.
  • I liked the call for Neal Cotts in the 9th, not just because there were two lefties due up, but because of the short-term implications that a third game in a row may have had on Bobby Jenks. Bobby's outings in the first two games had both been short, but if he was called on for the third time, you have to figure he would be out for at least one of the games with the Indians the next two days.
  • Once again I've got to give a big thanks to the Angels 3-4-5 hitters late in the game.