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Rung up

After the World Series Ring presentation ceremony on Tuesday, not much went right for the White Sox, specifically members of the 2005 team.

The ceremony itself wasn't anything special. Though I did like the front office staff presenting the rings on a silver platters while dressed in Tuxedos. Aaron Rowand got the biggest ovation of anyone, and it wasn't even close. He was clearly tearing up as he accepted his ring and got bear hugs from Jerry Reinsdorf, Kenny Williams, and Ozzie Guillen.

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  • As for the game, Freddy Garcia looked like a junk-baller. He didn't top 86MPH on Comcast's gun (though it's accuracy is in question) until he loaded the bases with 2 outs in the second inning. And he never topped 89. He tried to get the Indians out on a steady diet of off-speed pitches with predictable results.

    It was the second straight outing that Garcia's velocity and approach was noticeably different. Hawk and DJ were taking him to task for not challenging guys, and changing his approach.

    I'm not ready to write Garcia off completely, and neither is Ozzie, who says he's fine. But Garcia's got a short leash with me in his next outing, and if he isn't picking up some MPH then he needs to go in for an MRI.

  • Part of the reason I'm not panicking about Garcia's outing is that Comcasts gun was clearly off.
    • Boone Logan was throwing 85-86 when he was 90+ during spring training
    • Neal Cotts topped out at 87 and he's been as high as 91-92 during the spring.
    • Bobby Jenks finished the game, and on his first pitch the Comcast gun read 89MPH. Hawk and DJ said he looked good, that the first pitch was 95, and that his velocity was better than that on subsequent pitches
  • Logan looked rattled in his first big league game. Half of his pitches were for balls, and he doubled his walk total from the spring, though one of them was intentional.
  • The HR that Cotts allowed to Aaron Boone matched his 2005 total before he could finish his first inning of work.
  • A.J. Pierzynski was the only 2005 member of the White Sox to have a hit today. Joe Crede was credited with one, but it was a misplayed ball that was lost in the sun by Jason Michaels.
  • Paul Konerko is on pace for 162 GIDPs this season. At least Thome will break Bonds' HR record by almost 90. His HR today bounced off of the crowd and then off of the section 102-103 sign on the right field concourse.
  • For those that missed it, has provided some video of the White Sox World Series ring presentation.
  • With the Sox loss, and because Detroit took a day off from proving that they can beat a AAA team, today is the first day since October 3rd, 2004 that the White Sox have not held at least a share of first place in the AL Central. Detroit also shared first place for 3 or 4 days last season. I'm too lazy to look it up, but it's probably the first time they've been alone in first place in really long time.