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White Sox' rings a closely guarded secret

Monday wasn't your ordinary off-day around US Cellular Field. No, Monday was different. Monday marked the arrival of a special delivery, the White Sox World Series rings.

The rings, designed by Jerry Reinsdorf's wife Martyl, who also designed 5 of the 6 Bulls championship rings, arrived with little fanfare in a small yellow DHL van. Their design remains a closely guarded secret, though I have heard that they are smaller than your normal look-at-me-I'm-an-athlete bling that most champions get nowadays. The Sox wanted their rings to be more wearable. And most of the players have said they'll do just that, wearing them whenever they get the chance.

The rings will be presented in a ceremony before the game on Tuesday, with almost all members of the 2005 White Sox in attendence. Frank Thomas, Carl Everett, and Geoff Blum are supposed to be the only notable absences due to their new teams' schedules. I guess that's good news for the Timo fans. It might be the last time he steps on the field in a major league stadium.

The White Sox are giving rings to anyone who played in a game for them last season, in addition to scores of front office and other staff. That means Jamie Burke (1 AB), Pedro Lopez (2 games played), and Kevin Walker (ugh) will all recieve rings. Raul Casanova will probably get a special one for his great clubhouse presence during the playoffs.

Comcast will again begin their coverage an hour before game time (12 CT). Hopefully this pre-game goes a little smoother than the last.

Brian Westbrook (0-0, 0.00) vs. Freddy Garcia (0-0, 0.00)

Another flyover vid -- Best view yet. The nearly take out one of the light towers.