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Freddy Garcia remembers how to pitch

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The opening day line-up improved to 10-0 thanks in large part to Scott Podsednik's perfect night and Jim Thome going deep again.

  • Podsednik had one of his best nights in a White Sox uniform that didn't end in a walk-off HR. He was 1-1 while walking 4 times and didn't make an out on the basepaths. He even stole a base. Bonus! I have no clue why he feels more comfortable stealing third base, but he's much more proficient at stealing third.

    I almost forgot to mention his leaping catch that helped save Freddy's ERA. At first, it didn't really look like a tough catch -- It was just a long flyball that he had a lot of time to get underneath -- but after watching a few replays, that ball was well out of the park. He actually caught it behind him and over the fence.

  • Freddy Garcia lowered his ERA for the 5th straight outing, and finally is starting to look like the pitcher for whom we traded. I was a little worried in the first two innings. Even though he was being aggressive and throwing his fastball with good velocity, he gave up a number of hard hit balls. I was very close to conceding that he has to be a breaking ball pitcher to get guys out. But after he got through those first two innings, he only gave up 1 more baserunner, and retired the last 16 Angels he faced.

    His strikeout total (6) was buoyed by Dallas McPherson's presence in the lineup, but he looked solid nonetheless. No, seriously, check out McPherson's stats from AAA this year. His line is amazing. 80+% of his hits going for extra-bases. Striking out in almost 50% of his ABs. Not even Rob Deer can claim a line like that.

  • It's tough to make a case for this right now with A.J. Pierzynski hitting comfortably above .300, but I'd like to see Joe Crede move up a spot in the lineup.