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Agustin Montero contract purchased

Contrary to the reports we recieved last night, it appears that the White Sox are intent on calling up a 28-year old non-prospect to make his major league debut. Agustin Montero, who has been in the minor leagues with 3 different organizations sine 1995, has been called up to help fill out the bullpen.

The last time Montero's name was mentioned here, Heads was using him as a launching pad for his new stand-up comedy career.

Montero has a transaction blotter that has more A's on it than my high school report card. He hasn't been spectacular, or even mediocre since throwing in AA in 2004. Your guess is as good as mine as to why he's here.
Montero's stats in Charlotte this season are impressive, and are better than those of Sean Tracey, but he also carries a larger history of struggling to get AAA hitters out.

From what I remember of Montero in spring training, he did have good stuff -- Think Luis Vizcaino. He had a good slider and a low-90's fastball, but needs to stay away from his rolling breaking ball(68-70 MPH) in the big leagues. -- He always seemed to be coughing up the lead when he entered the game, however, which isn't one of the qualities I'd target in a reliever.

Unless Montero has learned a new pitch, I don't see this working out any way but badly. He's never succeeded at AAA before the age of 28, and even then it's only been 25 innings. His walk rate is at a career low. His hit rate is even lower when compared to his career norm. -- I think the defense in Charlotte has something to do with this. Across the board, pitchers in Charlotte have a very low H/9IP this year. I'd wager that Charlotte leads the IL in DER.

Somewhere, Jeff Bajenaru is crying.

Update [2006-5-11 16:47:22 by The Cheat]: Montero was also one of the first players in baseball busted for steroid usage. YAY!