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White Sox @ Twins -- Buehrle vs. Silva

Mark Buehrle (3-2, 3.66) vs. Carlos Silva (2-5, 8.23)

Somebody needs to stop the bleeding. The White Sox have been outscored 30-10 the last three games, all losses. Their last Quality Start was when Freddy Garcia finally found his fastball.

There was a time last year when the White Sox couldn't win on Sunday, and struggled on nationally televised games. That all seemed to change in early September. Since then, they've gone undefeated on Sundays, and have compiled an impressive record on national broadcasts. (The playoffs obviously helped.)

Believe it or not, Buehrle has been "lucky" this season. This becomes especially apparent when compared to Carlos Silva's "unlucky" start. Both pitchers have seen their K-rate drop. Meanwhile, Buerhle's BABIP is below career a league norms, while Silva's is above. Their LOB% have gone in opposite directions also.

Buehrle needs to get his K-rate up, because those other indicators do not bode well for the future. Silva, on the other hand, can't get much worse (more unlucky). Can he?