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Javier Vazquez pleads the 5th

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Fish Food
In Minnesota, fish read newspapers instead of being wrapped in them.
I guess Ozzie was a little pissed about the first base umpire last night. It's hard for me to be as upset. I know the White Sox got some breaks last postseason. It would be hypocritical for me to get up in arms about similar occurrences now. You've gotta accept that not every call is going to go your way, and pitch over stuff like that.

I did feel like Vazquez' zone kept getting smaller in the 5th, specifically the first pitch to Joe Mauer, which was also the first pitch after Ozzie got tossed. Brad Radke had been (occasionally) getting a both sides of the plate, and the first pitch that Vazquez threw Mauer was right on the outside corner. The home plate umpire was inconsistent all night. Perhaps that's why Don Cooper got run also. I missed that; or WGN missed it during a commercial break.

The fifth inning had an odd feeling to it. When Vazquez gave up the sac fly, bringing the Twins to two outs, I said something to my dad about Vazquez having (I think) only one inning this season where he allowed more than one run -- the 5th inning disaster against Toronto. Even though he was just one out from escaping the inning, and the White Sox still had a 3 run lead, I was uneasy. Vazquez and Cooper have to figure out how to stop the bleeding. When he's not missing bats in an inning, and getting no help from blue (in this case), teams seem to be very good at stringing hits together.

The White Sox have not been very good at that so far in Minnesota. Friday, they managed only one run on a HR. Last night, they used productive outs for 3 of their runs. (The only productive thing they did was keep Minnesota and Radke in the game.)

  • Tadahito Iguchi had a brutal night at the plate. He looked more confused with each successive plate appearance.
  • The northside team has lost 11 of their last 12. Tribune runs attendance article. These two events are completely unrelated; like global warming and the general decrease in the number of pirates.

    The Trib didn't stop there. Can you believe Chris Singleton did not know which farm team Kerry Wood is losing for this week? And none of the White Sox' friends and family want to go to that other park.

  • Jose Contreras is now scheduled to start Sunday instead of Saturday. It has nothing to do with his own availablity; the Sox would just like to have Brandon McCarthy available, should Count have a setback between now and then.
  • The New York media continues to be infatuated with Don Cooper. And Aaron Rowand (beer pong champ). Both are good reads. The Cooper article has several good quotes, and the Rowand article has a number of amusing anecdotes that will have you all writing "I want Rowand back" in the comments.