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Just an Ordinary Victory

As you all saw, there was nothing interesting about the Sox victory in Minnesota tonight.

I suppose you could point to both teams using pink bats as a point of interest.
...Or the Sox nearly wasting an opportunity to score in the first.
...Or Mark Buerhle giving up 7 runs in the first inning after being staked to a 3-run lead.
...Or that in that first inning Buehrle faced 11 batters and not a single one of them saw more than 5 pitches. He still only used 29 pitches to get out of the inning. ...Or the Luis Castillo bunting into a triple play.
...Or the Sox bullpen pitching for 3 Innings without allowing a hit.
...Or Mark Buerhle become the first pitcher in over 100 years to give up 7 runs in the first and stick around long enough to get the win.
Just an ordinary victory.