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White Sox @ Devil Rays -- McCarthy vs. Kazmir

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Brandon McCarthy (2-1, 5.21) vs. Scott Kazmir (5-2, 2.94)

Kazmir is the former top prospect of the Mets whose trade to Tampa has only been out-dumbed by every move Isiah Thomas has made. Kazmir is really good, and he'd look a whole lot better than Jose Lima in the Mets rotation right now. Hell, a couple weeks after the trade, he would have looked pretty good in the rotation instead of Victor Zambrano. The ransom that TB got for Zambrano at the 2004 deadline probably played a large part in there being virtually no trade market last deadline, as the bottom feeders all asked for top prospects in return for league average veterans.

Kazmir also has one more thing going for him tonight. He's left-handed, which aside from the 3-sub lineup is the Sox achilles heel. The White Sox are just 6-7 against lefties compared to 19-5 against righties.

Brandon McCarthy will need to have his good control and be able to throw his changeup for strikes down in the zone to keep the Sox in this one. We should be able to tell by the end of the first inning if Brandon's got his good stuff working.