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Boone Logan is not good

We all can see this. The White Sox have to know this. I don't even think it's worth discussing.

If a move isn't made in the immediate future, however, you will be reading plenty of venom from me directed at those making the decision to keep him on the roster. It's not Boone Logan's fault that he's not ready. He had a grand total of 5 innings pitched above Rookie ball entering this season. As was pointed out by many here, he didn't belong on any major league roster; let alone the defending World Series Champions'.

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Brandon McCarthy wasn't his sharpest, but he kept the Sox in the game. He wasn't efficient enough with his pitches to save us from the Logan/Montero fire brigade, and didn't really find his changeup until he allowed back-to-back singles leading off the 4th. It's even hard to count the third run he allowed against him, as he left him on first base, and the D-Rays plated him with a series of errors and poor White Sox' decisions on 4 balls that didn't leave the infield.

I only hope the 6 runs the Sox tacked on at the end help the front office see how important it is to have somebody a little more proven at the back of the pen, rather than two pitchers with zero combined big league innings (with good reason) entering the season. No lead should be safe with the Sox offense, just so long as it's kept reasonable by major league pitching -- which, unfortunately, we did not see much of tonight.