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White Sox vs. Baby Bears -- Buehrle vs. Maddux

Mark Buehrle (4-2, 3.42) vs. Greg Maddux (5-2, 3.10)

It used to be this series meant more than most others on the schedule. Sure, I always said that it didn't mean more, but I've come to realize that wasn't entirely accurate. I meant what I said at the time, but a World Series title has given me a different perspective.

Now, this is just another series. Back when both teams hadn't won anything since before Alaska and Hawaii joined the union, there wasn't much differentiating the clubs overall. This six game series was all that some fans lived for. That shouldn't be the case for Sox fans anymore. In fact, I don't care how these games end up at all, as long as we're back in the thick of things in October and, hopefully, November.

Supposedly, Buehrle was tipping his pitches last game, but that's been the least of his troubles lately. I can't even remember the last decent start he's had. Maddux boasts a similar ERA to Buerhle on the strength of his first 4 starts. He's been much more hittable since. Historically, the Sox have done pretty well against him...

But in this series, I think you can throw all history out the window.