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Punches thrown, Tadahito Iguchi knocks out Baby Bears

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There was a game played on the south side Saturday afternoon, but that's not what anyone will be talking about at the office on Monday. That honor falls to A.J. Pierzyski's take-out of Michael Barrett, Barrett's subsequent sucker punch on Pierzynski, and the melee that followed.

Here's a short highlight of the play in question. (I'll have a link to the video as soon as it's available.)

Blow-by-blow of the action

  • With one out and the bases juiced, Brian Anderson hits shallow fly ball to left field.
  • Pierzynski tags. He's gonna try to score.
  • Barrett blocks the plate.
  • Pierzynski takes him out, gathers himself after the collision, and tags homeplate.
  • Pierzynski rises and starts towards Barret/Cubs dugout, which is where his batting helmet had flown.
  • Barrett perceives this as a threat. Grabs Pierzynski, and appears to say, "I don't have the ball, bitch!"
  • Barrett right hooks Pierzynski
  • Barrett appears to land a left on Podsednik.
  • Podsednik scuffles with Barrett
  • Brian Anderson comes in from up the first base line, takes a swing at Barrett.
  • Anderson is peeled off by John Mabry as Pods takes Barrett to the ground.
  • Anderson throws wild haymakers in Maybry's direction.
  • The rest was a typical baseball fight. Lots of talking, not much action.
Listening to the post-game press conferences, Barrett took full responsibility for his actions. He said that he just saw AJ coming at him and reacted. AJ also indicated that, as we speculated, he was headed for his batting helmet, not looking for a confrontation.

I'll be very interested to see how all of the suspensions are handled. Barret should be gone for about 10 games, but I can't remember a player getting that long of a suspension for a simple fight. Anderson should get the next longest break, probably 5 games. Mabry, Pierzynski, and Podsednik's possible suspensions are harder to figure. None of them instigated anything, but they were all involved in the scrum.

I have a bad feeling that MLB is going to come down just as hard on Pierzynski as they do on Barrett simply because he is perceived as an agitator. I'm not saying that's the right decsion; it's just what I feel will happen.

As for the game itself.

  • Rich Hill couldn't throw strikes.
  • Tadahito Iguchi now calls Hill his bitch.
  • Freddy Garcia threw strikes. ERA now under 4.