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A sweep? Against Oakland? Are you sure?

Mark Buehrle picked up just his 3rd career victory against the A's as the White Sox swept a three-game series against Oakland at home for the first time since 1987. To put that in perspective, the Sox last sweep was put in the books on a walk-off HR by current White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker off of Hall-of-Famer Dennis Eckersley. Ozzie Guillen was hitting lead-off that night, and Harold Baines batted third as the DH. I suppose not much has changed. There certainly were a lot of familiar faces around for both games.

I missed much of Mark Buehrle's outing, so I can't comment on how he was pitching. I got home just in time to catch all of the White Sox scoring though.

  • Rob Mackowiak had himself a night at the plate. I think it's funny how Oakland fans have already come to hate him, meanwhile their AL West brothers, the M's, hate Brian N. Anderson.

    Ozzie has indicated that he's going to be giving Mackowiak some more playing time in CF with Brian struggling, and I'm fine with that. They should split the at-bats about 50-50, with Anderson taking all of the cuts against lefties and against the "easier" right-handers. The defense will be a downgrade, but in this scenario Mack should only see about 40% of the time in CF.

    Mackowiak is well known as a streaky hitter, so I think the key will be to recognize when he's starting to slump and stick with the best defensive alignment.

  • I agree with shaftr, that the subtraction of Logan and Montero has made me feel much more comfortable with the bullpen. Cliff Politte still worries me, and I know Neal Cotts won't be able to match his production last year. But the rest of the guys seem to be settling into their roles. They won't be able to touch what last year's pen was able to do, but they are in place to be an above average pen now.
  • I didn't quite agree with how Ozzie used the bullpen in the 8th. I think he got out-managed a little bit. Macha split up the Bobby Crosby-Frank Thomas tandem with the most dangerous left-handed bat in their line-up, which really limited how Ozzie could use Jeff Nelson. -- More than anything, though, I just hate when you use 4 pitchers in an inning.