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Quickie recap

  • The strike zone was small, (for both teams) and the White Sox offense took advatage. The Thome-Konerko-Dye trio had a monster game, knocking a couple of vowels out of Kirk Saarloos' name.
  • Podsednik "found his speed" against the noodle-armed Kendall. He and Frank Thomas took one look at the strike zone tonight and decided they weren't swinging the bat. Thomas took the bat off his shoulder just 3 times, and reached base 4 times in 5 trips to the plate.
  • Vazquez didn't like the small zone, and struggled to put hitters away. But he battled and helped the Sox to a relatively easy victory.
  • Jeff Nelson made his White Sox debut, walking the bat-glued-on-shoulder Thomas before getting Bobby Crosby to fly out. Not a great outing, but it wasn't terrible either.
  • The Sox debuted their sleeveless pinstriped jersey on Friday, and have worn it ever since, going 4-0. They did take a break for a day to wear their 1906 throwbacks on Sunday in their only loss on the homestand. It will be interesting to see how often they wear those now. I think they were supposed to wear them for every home game on Sunday for the rest of the year; but since they've been worn for the Sox first Sunday loss since last September, snapping a 12-game Sunday winning streak, I have a feeling they may be mothballed for a while.
  • Rotoworld is reporting that Thome "tweaked his groin," but could probably go tomorrow. With an off-day on Thursday, I think it's in the White Sox best interest to give Thome his second day off of the season Wednesday.