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Paul Konerko can not overcome your crappy pitching

Back in April, Paul Konerko used two HRs to almost single-handedly beat the Blue Jays. Thanks to Freddy Garcia and Cliff Politte he had no chance of a repeat performance Friday night. Both pitchers were pounded, and perhaps were lucky to escape with only 8 combined runs of damage.

There's a reason I've never really felt comfortable with the way Garcia has been pitching this season, and tonight was an illustration of why. He's been pitching to contact, letting opposing hitters get themselves out, which apparently doesn't work against the team with the best cumulative batting average in baseball.

This one should rack your brain. The White Sox are 0-4 this season against lefties indoors. I don't know what to make of that, I'm just putting it out there. Granted, two of those lefties were Johan Santana and Scott Kazmir, but we've got to win games with names like Lilly and Hendrickson on the hill. With the exception of the bullpen, this appears to be the achilles heel of the 2006 White Sox.

Mike Cooper: White Sox third base coach