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Jose Contreras aces King

I have no energy, and a bad sunburn, so this is gonna be brief.

  • First of all, thanks to Sean for the ticket. My pale ass had to move out of the sun at one point, and I still look like a freakin' tomato.
  • I couldn't see the Crede play from where I was sitting, but I was much less concerned about him making the catch than everyone around me. All I said as he was sliding into the tarp was "Is he OK? Is he OK?" It wasn't until he spryly sat up with the ball raised that I even thought about him getting the out on the play.
  • I couldn't judge ball-and-strikes from my seat, so I don't have any insight into Contreras or King Felix's outings. All I can say is that Felix's velocity was low, (for him) especially in the first inning. I don't think he cracked 92 in the first, and I think I might have seen one pitch top 94 on the game.
  • With Contreras on the mound, and Thome at the dish, this one was over early. As soon as Thome hit the HR to put the Sox up 3-0, I thought to myself, 'that'll do.' It's a great feeling to have such confidence in a pitcher.