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I don't know how to feel regarding Boone Logan's dominating relief appearance... [S]olid outings like this, and the Hold he earned yesterday could mean more high-leverage work for the rookie. I'm not sure I'm ready for that just yet.

Tonight: (Logan enters the game, down a run, two men on base, with 2 outs in the ninth. THE definition of a high-leverage situation)
Boone's about to put this one out of reach.
Logan didn't retire a batter, walking one, and giving up a 2-run single to push the score to 5-2, just enough out of reach so that Jim Thome's 9th inning HR couldn't put the Sox back on top.

You can't blame Ozzie for the 4 walks in the ninth inning, but he's still got some explaining to do regarding the two lefties he used over Neal Cotts in the 9th inning. He also put 3 reserves in the starting lineup, running the Sox record to 1-5 this season when they start 3 or more subs. That's more than half of their losses.

There's plenty of blame to go around tonight.

  • Bobby Jenks had nothing. He couldn't hit the strike zone, and when he did, he wasn't lighting up the speed gun.
  • Matt Thornton: Make him earn his frickin' way on base. Remember, you will learn to hate Thornton.
  • Boone Logan: Why are you still here? Oh yeah, your ERA looks nice, and it didn't even go up today. 6 of your 8 inherited runners have scored, and you don't belong in anything other than a blowout.
  • Ross Gload: diving towards the foul line late in a tie game. Hold him to a single, and that first run never scores.
  • Ozzie Guillen:
    • Why are you letting Matt Thornton and Boone Logan pitch in 1-run games?
    • Why do you continue to put inferior defenses behind Jon Garland, who is the White Sox pitcher who relies most upon his defense?
    • Why are we bunting early in the game?
    • With Tadahito Iguchi?
      • With Iguchi, Thome, and Konerko due up, and Pods already standing on second, I'd much rather take my chaces that one of those three will get a hit instead of hoping Thome will deliver a long flyout if he doesn't get his hit. It seems to me like the chances of Thome hitting a long flyout are about the same as Iguchi getting a hit. So all you've accomplished is giving them a free out.
If Ozzie doesn't start putting major league lineups out there, and these guys don't stop taking these Royals for granted, they could come back to haunt us like the '03 Tigers. Losses to these guys (who were also without their two most dangerous hitters) really hurt.