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Joe Crede is Clutch

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Talk about a clever headline, ehh? I guess that's why I'm not Cheat...

  • Mark Buehrle labored through six innings, throwing 114 pitches. This was a start where it was pretty clear that he didn't have his best stuff, and Buehrle attested to that in his postgame interview. He couldn't locate his curveball through the first four innings (at least), and his changeup was only mediocre. Really, he was just a fastball/cutter pitcher today.

    On the other hand, who am I to argue with results? Buehrle gave up only two runs on back-to-back homers in the fifth inning.

  • The bench brigade was back today, with Pablo Ozuna in LF, Chris Widger behind homeplate, and Rob Mackowiak in RF. They went a combined 2-for-9; however, Ozuna's two-run triple tied the game up in the 5th inning and was a bright spot in an otherwise abysmal offensive performance.

    I really can't complain about Ozzie using the Sunday Lineup ™. Ozuna has carried a hot stick so far this year (and the pitcher was a southpaw), and Widger was bound to be in the lineup, coming off of a night game along with facing the lefty. With RF, I'm glad they're not attempting to rush Jermaine Dye back into the lineup -- he's become a pretty integral part of the offense. Although, somebody needs to tell Mackowiak that it's May.

  • Who's the worst outfielder -- Emil Brown, Kerry Robinson, or Pablo Ozuna?
  • Update [2006-5-8 1:31:48 by The Cheat]: I just wanted to leave one of my own thoughts on the main page here.

    Some of you might be surprised, but I liked the suicide squeeze call. I like bunting for a run. And more often than not, when you get that bunt down, the throw is coming home anyways. So, if properly executed, you end up with a man on first, a run scored, and no additional outs.

    Iguchi just didn't get the bunt down, and Pablo had nowhere to go. It happens. (And here some of you thought all I could do was complain... I'll chime in on the benefit of the doubt thread sometime later.)