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Updating our prospect list

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Before we had our breaking news story of the day, I was writing a piece updating the progress of the minor leaguers from our Community Prospect List.

  1. Chris Young -- AAA | Tucson Sidewinders
    .256/.356/.436 1HR 6BB 4K in 39AB

    Stock: Holding -- Young broke his wrist doing drills prior to spring training. From the looks of his line in Tucson, he may be compensating for his wrist by trying to become more of a contact hitter. Though 40 ABs is probably much too soon to be drawing any conclusions.

  2. Brian Anderson -- Major League | Chicago White Sox
    .167/.258/.308 3HR 10BB 26K in 78ABs

    Stock: Holding -- Anderson has impressed in some areas, while disappointing in others. He's shown good power, a more patient than expected approach at the plate, and has played some of the best defense of anyone in the majors in center field. His average and troubling strikeout rate, however, have many questioning if he will ever be able to hit at the major league level.

  3. Gio Gonzalez -- AA | Reading Phillies
    2.62 ERA 25H 2HR 16BB 38K in 34.1IP

    Stock: Rising -- Gio's low 90's fastball and hard biting curve have solidified his status as one of the top young pitching prospects in baseball. He could be cracking the starting rotation in Philly before Opening Day '07.

  4. Ryan Sweeney -- AAA | Charlotte Knights
    .298/.368/.423 2HR 12BB 19K in 104ABs

    Stock: Rising -- Sweeney struggled during his first two weeks at Charlotte, posting a woeful average and K:BB ratio. Since then, however, he has adjusted to the AAA competition, batting over .400 while walking more than he's striking out. He's already eclipsed his HR total from last season. Though he probably won't hit for plus power for a few more years, I feel a little better seeing him starting to crack the .400 SLG mark and driving in a few runs. He's also starting to see some major playing time in center field, where his defense has been reported to be "major league average."

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  1. Ray Liotta -- AA | Birmingham Barons
    4.04ERA 35H 2HR 17BB 16K in 35.2IP

    Stock: Falling -- Liotta was shelled in his last outing, allowing 7 earned runs and his first two homeruns of the year. More troubling than one bad outing is his disturbing K:BB ratio. Since he's a sinkerballer, he's never had great peripherals. But this year, those peripherals are alarming.

  2. Daniel Haigwood -- AA | Reading Phillies
    3.13ERA 28H 1HR 20BB 28K in 31.2 IP

    Stock: Holding -- Haigwood has always had a high walk rate, and that's continued this season. He's going to need to cut that rate if he's ever going to succeed at the majors.

  3. Lance Broadway -- AA | Birmingham Barons
    2.02ERA 31H 1HR 7BB 30K in 35.2IP

    Stock: Rising -- Broadway was overused and tired after his junior season at TCU, and it showed during his pro debut last season. He was unimpressive, which led many to jump the gun in calling Broadway a bust or back of the rotation fodder. His peripherals thus far are excellent, and hint that he may be more than just a back-of-the-rotation starter.

  4. Jerry Owens -- AAA | Charlotte Knights
    .221/.274/.336 3HR 9BB 19K in 113ABs

    Stock: Falling -- That Owens is now spending more time in LF than CF probably says more about his prospect status than anything else. He's been unable to carry over his success from Birmingham and the Venezuelan league. The only skill that he's improved on so far appears to be his basestealing proficiency.

  5. Robert Valido -- AA | Birmingham
    .207/.246/.319 1HR 5BB 20K in 116ABs

    Stock: Falling -- Valido has historically been a fast starter, so his early season struggles in Birmingham come as a surprise. He didn't take a walk until around his 80th at-bat. The more I saw of Valido in spring training, the less I was impressed. He displayed an erratic throwing arm, and never really demonstrated the range I had been told he possessed.

  6. Josh Fields -- AAA | Charlotte Knights
    .307/.374/.511 3HR 9BB 27K in 88AB

    Stock: Rising -- Fields impressed with his bat during spring training, and has carried that over to AAA. As we've seen with Anderson, he'll have to cut down on his strikeout rate for him to be successful at the major league level. But Fields should get more time to develop. Joe Crede figures to be entrenched at 3B for the foreseeable future, and Fields defense has never been described as a plus. If Fields isn't used as trade bait within the year, I suspect he'll be moved to the outfield.

  7. Sean Tracey -- AAA | Charlotte Knights
    2.22ERA 9H 1HR 21BB 25K in 24.1IP

    Stock: Holding -- There were some who thought that Tracey's move to the bullpen would help him add some life to his fastball and result in more strikeouts, and they appear to be right. Unfortunately, Tracey has demonstrated almost no control of this extra zip. He's been shuffled between the rotation and pen with injuries to the Charlotte staff. Tracey is an intriguing prospect who you'd like to see Don Cooper get his hands on. He'll have to correct some of his control issues on his own first though.

  8. Francisco Hernandez -- Low A | Kannapolis Intimidators
    .232/.301/.293 1HR 7BB 9K in 82ABs

    Stock: Falling -- Hernandez started last season at Kanny before being demoted and dominating Rookie ball once again. He's proved himself there, but he's struggling once again at the lowest level of full-season ball. For some reason, he becomes a singles hitter when he's at A-ball, but is a slugging catcher in Rookie ball. This is the last season that Hernandez will get a pass for being young for his league.

  9. Casey Rogowski -- AAA | Charlotte Knights
    .333/.402/.522 3HR 9BB 24K in 90ABs

    Stock: Holding -- Rogowski had a disappointing spring with the big club, but has rebounded in Charlotte. Like Fields, he's going to need to cut his strikeout rate if he hopes to make the big club. Also like Fields, he's blocked by an entrenched player within the club. He could be shipped out at the trade deadline. For such a big guy, he's one helluvan athlete, stealing bases at the same rate as Jerry Owens.

  10. Chris Getz -- AA | Birmingham Barons
    .276/.359/.345 1HR 13BB 9K in 116 ABs

    Stock: Rising -- Getz reportedly has the range to play shortstop adequately, and is an excellent second baseman. He has excellent strike zone control. He doesn't figure to be an everyday 2B or SS at the major league level, but should develop into a fine utility player.

  11. Aaron Cunningham -- Low A | Kannapolis Intimidators
    .274/.352/.516 4HR 8BB 31K in 95ABs

    Stock: Rising -- Like some of the other prospects on this list, Cunningham needs to cut down on his strikeouts; but unlike those others, he has a significant amount of time in which to learn that skill. You can't teach power like Cunningham displays (50% of his hits are for extra bases) but, hopefully, you can teach him to make more contact.

There are some exciting prospects left off this list, most notably Charlie Haeger and Tyler Lumsden, who both were somewhat overlooked during our polling. Lucas Harrell is also having an impressive debut in High-A Winston-Salem at just 20 years old.