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Pronk was not in Shrek, Jackass!

For the first time since I've moved to the blog here to South Side Sox, Firefox crashed, eating a large post in the process. I don't have the energy to retype it all out tonight, so here's an outline version.

  • Freddy is getting killed by good hitting teams.The Tigers, Indians, and Blue Jays have made Freddy Garica look like Felix Diaz this season. Take a look at his numbers against those teams.
    IP H R ER HR BB K ERA 38.1 54 35 34 12 16 28 7.98
    I realize you can probably do the same thing for Jon Garland, and maybe even Javier Vazquez; but the difference is both of those pitchers seem to have all of their 'stuff.' Freddy, despite some added life to his fastball lately, still looks like a junkballer.
  • Brian Anderson should play more often against right-handers, specifically sinkerballers. I've asked for this in the past, so I was very pleased to see him in the line-up, and not at all surprised that he responded with a 2-4 night at the plate. -- My theory is that he's getting under the ball too much, and that the sinker's action helps him make more solid contact. Just a theory though.
  • Sean Tracey showed you why he is a project tonight. I don't know if I've ever seen a White Sox pitcher have such little command of the strike zone. He was channeling Rick Vaughn tonight. -- He's got a tantalizing fastball though. Let's hope Coop can reign him in.