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Signs point to Thome at first base on Sunday

I posted a poll to gauge how you guys felt the Thome-Konerko situation should be handled in the NL parks. It appears that Thome will get at least one start on Sunday.

Although Guillen would not commit to any official date on Monday, there's a good chance Jim Thome will start at first base during Sunday's finale of this seven-game road trip in Cincinnati. Right-hander Aaron Harang is scheduled to start Sunday's Interleague contest, following left-handers Brandon Claussen and Eric Milton, and Thome would have Monday's off-day to rest, if needed.

"He's been taking ground balls with [third-base coach] Joey [Cora] and he will be playing," Guillen said of Thome. "Like I say, he's not going to sit down for nine games. Thome's a kind of guy that needs to keep playing to maintain his swing."