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The best way to stick it to Buck Showalter and company, while gaining some revenge from last night's antics, was to show them who the better team really was by beating the Rangers on their turf.

The Sox did just that.

  • Other than a sixth inning hiccup, Mark Buehrle, for the second straight start, cruised through eight innings. Buehrle allowed just six hits, and had a good changeup working, keeping the Texas hitters off-balance all night.
  • Four hits from the bottom of the order tonight, including a couple of rockets off the bat of Juan Uribe. I just wish he would go back to the leg-kick that made him a semi-competent hitter last September. I thought I read an article saying he wants to dive at the ball a little more, almost the way Pablo Ozuna does. Someone needs to tell Juan to sit back a little bit more; he's not Pablo Ozuna, and that batting style won't work for Uribe. He seemed to sit back a little more tonight (at least in his first two at-bats).
  • Is there anything else to say about Pablo Ozuna? I wanted him gone after the Cintron acquisition, and he's made me eat crow. You couldn't hit a ball any softer than Pablo did in his first two ABs, yet both went for hits. Until Ozuna cools down, it has to be a strict platoon in LF with Podsednik, right?
  • The David Riske acquisition is another nice low-risk, high-reward move from Kenny Williams. If the move pays dividends for the Sox, they have themselves an extremely dominant right-handed reliever (see David Riske's 2003). Even if Riske doesn't turn out to be that dominant, he still should be a good backend-type; think Luis Vizcaino circa 2005.
With that, I'll also say my goodbyes for the near future. I'm headed to Cincy for all three games (I'm expecting a LOT of Sox fans down there). Sunday night, I'll be headed up to Milwaukee for an orientation at Marquette (all day Monday), and Tuesday, I'm going to the Brewers game.

So, see ya Wednesday, and go Sox!