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Ozzie miffed by Pods

Joe Cowley:

The way the White Sox manager sees it, Podsednik still has to prove he can play a solid left field. Until he does, Guillen will continue to use Rob Mackowiak as a defensive replacement in late-inning situations. "He [Podsednik] should be better,'' Guillen. "He should be better because he was playing center field for three years. I don't know if it's concentration, but he should be better. It comes from work.

you know you're not doing a good job when you have Rob Mackowiak used as a defensive replacement in your position!

the fact he has six errors, which leads all American League outfielders, and doesn't seem to get a good read on balls all the time is what has Guillen concerned. In the sixth inning Saturday, Podsednik seemed to freeze on a ball hit to left by Austin Kearns that dropped for a two-run single.

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