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White Sox vs. Rangers -- Garland vs. Loe

Jon Garland (4-2, 6.25) vs. Kameron Loe (3-5, 4.48)

This is easily the biggest start of Jon Garland's season -- as long as his ERA stays elevated, they're all going to be big starts -- but this one carries some extra weight because Texas is a team against whom Garland has never fared well and can hit some homeruns. Current Rangers have a combined OPS of 1.000 against Garland, and Kevin Mench (only .125/.222/.500) always takes long at-bats and seems inches away from a HR.

I'd love to see the best defense possible on the field behind a guy who relies on his defense more than any other Sox starter, but I fear we'll see Mackowiak in center against the righty and maybe Widger behind the plate for an ailing Pierzynski. Widger has caught only three starts this season in which the White Sox starting pitcher has allowed 3 or fewer runs. Those starts were against the Royals (twice) and the Cubs, who just so happen to be the two lowest scoring teams in baseball.