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Who will make the All-Star Team?

The updated AL All-Star ballots will be revealed sometime later today. After the last ballot update, Tadahito Iguchi is the only White Sox position player within a reasonable margin of first place. His 7 RBI performance on ESPN may help him with voters who favor NL teams. Still, he'll probably fall short, and I doubt Ozzie can get him on the roster.

Phil Rogers tries to handicap some of the White Sox chances...

Here's a ranking of the most likely Sox All-Stars: Contreras ... Thome ... Crede ... Konerko ... Dye ... Iguchi ... Buehrle ... Jenks ... Pierzynski ... Garcia

My own ranking goes something like this:

  1. Contreras -- He will start.
  2. Dye -- He's a lock.
  3. Konerko/Thome -- I think only one will go. But one of them is sure to be there.
  4. Jenks -- Best reliever on 'second best' team in baseball. Papelbon and Jenks are the only relievers I'm sure will be invited.
  5. Iguchi -- Has a remote shot at winning fan vote. If not, I doubt he makes it.
  6. Crede -- Leads AL 3B in WS, second in WARP. Deserves to go.
  7. Buehrle -- If it was another manager picking the teams, Buehrle would be at home, but Ozzie will try to find room.
  8. Pierzynski -- Not much chance.
  9. Garcia -- No chance.
How does your ranking look?