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We've lost that lovin' feelin'

Ross Gload, Juan Uribe, and Brian N. Anderson drove in runs for the White Sox, but when those are the only three guys driving in runs the Sox are in trouble. I don't think any of us felt safe with a 1-run lead and just 7 outs remaining, but it should have been enough. It used to be enough. Poor outfield defense and poor pitch selection combined to sink the Sox.

  • You can't blame Rob Mackowiak for losing tonight's game. I wish he was a better defender in the same way wish Anderson was a better hitter. The fact is, Anderson has forced Ozzie's hand. Ozzie gave him a start against a right-handed pitcher with Jon Garland on the mound, and left him in the game for as long as he could. But 2-outs, runner at first base in the 8th inning, is no situation for Anderson. You have to have an offensive threat up in that position if at all possible.

    I suppose you could argue that since we were at home, you play to tie; and thus, you keep your best defensive alignment at all times. To that I say, have you seen our bullpen? They're also forcing our hand. We might be able to play for a tie if we had '05 Hermanson and Politte waiting behind the left field wall, but those two are shadows of their former selves.

  • Let's here it for the White Sox bullpen. 4 blown saves, and 4 losses, in the last two weeks. That's how you defend championships, my friends.
  • Jeff Nelson, why are you here? It's not to get people out. You haven't done that at all.
  • Perhaps the biggest kick in the nuts of the day was the news on the White Sox draft-and-follow eligible signings. As I noted before, they appeared to have the rights to a nice collection of young arms who significantly improved their stock in the past year.

    The Sox have had less than your average number of high round draft picks the last couple of years because they have let free-agents walk without offering them arbitration, while simultaneously signing free-agents who cost us draft picks. These draft-and-follow picks are a good way to turn late round picks into higher-round talent with limited risk. They just cost more than slot money.

    It appears that the Sox couldn't come to terms with the three arms I coveted. I have no insight into the signing process, but signing those three arms seemed to me like a calculated risk we had to take. The only conclusion I can draw is that they didn't feel these guys were worth the signing bonuses. I know I'll be keeping close tabs on them from now on. -- The Sox did sign the two position players from Broward, neither of whom appear to be top-flight talent.

    Update [2006-6-3 1:19:21 by The Cheat]: Randar at Soxtalk claims that Marrero had signed with Clemson, and was probably going to be converted to a pitcher. Who knows what we have there. I'm still disappointed though.