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Rev says Figgy available

Trade rumors that originate on blogs generally don't have any merit to them. Yet, I'm inclined to believe Rev Halofan's post about the White Sox being in hot pursuit of Chone Figgins. I can't remember the specifics, but Rev has had some solid information on at least two different occasions this year.

I don't give much weight to the no-trade-unless-OC=All-star talk -- Ozzie made his decisions pregame today -- but everything else Rev states fits.

Figgins would likely become the White Sox starting CFer, with Anderson probably headed to Charlotte and Mack relegated to filling in only in emergencies. Acquiring Figgins wouldn't just be a move to improve the '06 team, but one that will solidify the future. Anderson would get another year before he was again penciled into centerfield, and the Sox could use Podsednik as tradebait in the offseason. -- He still has 2 years of arbitration left, rendering him relatively cheap, but is a liability in the field and his speed appears to be in decline. There will be a team out there dumb enough to think he can play CF.