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White Sox Draft Retrospective

The 2006 MLB Draft starts in a little over 12 hours. You should tune into the audio stream on if you've never heard it before. It's completely different from every other major league draft. It's so low key. In the past, I've heard swearing, a woman who was clearly on the wrong conference call, and Tommy Lasorda sounding like he's on whatever drugs they're pumping in Barbaro right now.

I thought I'd take this occasion to take a very brief look back at the White Sox recent draft picks. For sake of my sanity, I only included the Sox first ten picks from each draft.

Warning: Super long entry ahead. Proceed with caution

2002 Draft

  1. Royce Ring -- LHP | San Diego State | AAA Norfolk
  2. Jeremy Reed -- CF | Long Beach State | Seattle Mariners
  3. Joshua Rupe -- RHP | Louisburg (N.C.) College | 60-Day DL Texas Rangers
  4. Ryan Rodriguez -- LHP | Keller (Texas) HS | AA Birmingham
  5. B.J. Lamura -- RHP | Clemson | AA Birmingham
  6. Christopher Getz -- SS | Grosse Pointe (Mich.) South HS | Unsigned
  7. Micah Schnurstein -- 3B | Henderson (Nev.) Basic HS | AA Birmingham
  8. Sean Tracey -- RHP | California Irvine | AAA Charlotte
  9. Todd Deininger -- RHP | Texas A&M | Out of baseball?
  10. Orionny Lopez -- RHP | West Palm Beach (Fla.) Forest Hill HS | Out of baseball?
Other Notables
Daniel Haigwood, Brandon McCarthy, and Boone Logan

A real mixed bag in this draft. Ring, Reed, and Rupe have all made the majors, though none has been overly impressive. McCarthy and Logan have also been to the show, giving the Sox 5 players from the 2002 draft to make the majors already. That's the most in baseball. Haigwood and Tracey figure to get at least a cup of coffee before they call it a career. So while there appears to be no stars as of yet, the Sox got a bunch of replacement-level talent out of this draft. Probably the second best draft of the ones we'll review here, though Phil Rogers points out the Sox passed on Curtis Granderson who was, literally, right in the back yard.

2003 Draft

  1. Brian Anderson -- CF | Arizona | Chicago White Sox
  2. Ryan Sweeney -- OF | Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Xavier HS | AAA Charlotte
  3. Clinton King -- RF | Southern Mississippi | Out of baseball?
  4. Robert Valido -- SS | Miami Coral Park HS | AA Birmingham
  5. Matthew Nachreiner -- RHP | Round Rock (Tex.) HS | Extended Spring? Out of baseball?
  6. Christopher Kelly -- LF/1B | Pepperdine | A+ Winston-Salem
  7. James Casey -- RHP | Azle (Tex.) HS | Extended Spring? Out of baseball?
  8. John Russ -- RHP | Frank Phillips College | Out of baseball?
  9. David Cook -- CF | Miami (Ohio) | A+ Winston-Salem
  10. Fraser Dizard -- LHP | Southern California | AA Birmingham
  11. Richard Brooks -- RHP | North Tonawanda (N.Y.) HS | Unsigned
Other Notables
13th rounder Wes Hodges(probable first rounder this year)

Right from the beginning, this appeared to be a two player draft. It's still too early to tell, but it still appears that way. Brian Anderson and Ryan Sweeney are still a year or two away from being making up 2/3rds of the White Sox outfield, but it's only a matter of time.

2004 Draft

  1. Josh Fields -- 3B | Oklahoma St. | AAA Charlotte
  2. Tyler Lumsden -- LHP | Clemson | AA Birmingham
  3. Giovanny Gonzalez -- LHP | Miami Monsignor Pace HS | AA Reading
  4. Wes Whisler -- LHP | UCLA | A+ Winston-Salem
  5. Donald Lucy -- C | Stanford | A+ Winston-Salem
  6. Ray Liotta -- LHP | Gulf Coast CC | AA Birmingham
  7. Grant Hansen -- RHP | Oklahoma City | Out of baseball?
  8. Lucas Harrell -- RHP | Ozark HS (Mo.) | A+ Winston-Salem
  9. Brandon Allen -- OF/1B | Montgomery HS (Texas) | A- Kannapolis
  10. Adam Russell -- RHP | Ohio University | A+ Winston-Salem
Other Notables
Brian Flores (one of the three DFE arms I coveted this year)

As of right now, without a doubt, this is the most productive White Sox draft of those we've looked at. That tends to happen when you have 7 of the first 90 picks. The Sox blew a couple of those top picks, but still have 7 players with a good shot at making the bigs.

2005 Draft

  1. Lance Broadway -- RHP | TCU | AA Birmingham
  2. Richard Brooks -- RHP | East Carolina | A- Kannapolis
  3. Christopher Getz -- 2B | Michigan | AA Birmingham
  4. Ryan Rote -- RHP | Vanderbilt | A- Kannapolis
  5. Aaron Cunningham -- LF | Everett CC (Wash.) | A- Kannapolis
  6. Daniel Cortes -- RHP | Garey H.S. (Calif.) | A- Kannapolis
  7. Clayton Richard -- LHP | Michigan | A- Kannapolis
  8. Joseph Winn -- RHP | Delgado CC (La.) | Extended Spring Training/Bristol
  9. Israel Chirino -- LHP | Miami | A- Kannapolis
  10. Jason Rice -- RHP | Chaffey CC | A- Kannapolis
The first thing that jumps out about this class is that most of them are at Low-A Kannapolis. Kanny has the worst record in professional baseball. It's tough to say whether that's an indictment of this particular draft class, but there are a number of overmatched players lingering on the Kanny roster. I'm sure the Sox will a couple players in tomorrows draft that will help send the ineffective players back to rookie ball. There's a chance that this draft coul ultimately produce not a single major leaguer, though that's probably unlikely. Aaron Cunningham is the player who appears to have the greatest upside.

In each of the last few seasons, the White Sox have tipped their hand a bit on the night before the draft. The last time there was a surprise first-rounder was in 2002 with the choice of Ring. There has been little noise surrounding the Sox first round selection this season, however, perhaps because of how low the Sox are selecting. Drafting at the end of the first round, the Sox will almost assuredly take the proverbial "best player available."