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2006 White Sox Draft: First 10 picks

(Recap later tonight)

  1. Kyle McCulloch | RHP | Texas | Scouting Video
    McColloch fits the White Sox recent draft strategy of drafting college pitchers who don't necessarily have the best "stuff" in the draft, but 'know how to pitch.' Incidently, and completely unrelated to the Sox approach, that is exactly the way I said I would conduct a draft if I was in charge. McColloch, an admitted Astros fan, is a virtual clone of 2005's top pick Lance Broadway. He has a fastball that tops out just above 90, and a big curveball. His curveball resembles McCarthy's more than it does Broadway's, and he'll profile about the same as those two. If I was to guess, I would say he'll start at Winston-Salem.
  2. Matthew Long | RHP | Miami (OH) | Scouting Video
    The top prep pitcher out of Ohio in 2002, Long elected to go to Miami as a starter. He had Tommy John surgery in 2004, and switched to closing duties for the Red Hawks in '06 regaining top form. He has a fastball that sits in the low-to-mid 90's. I wouldn't expect him to be the bullpen help you're looking for this year, but he could rise fast at make an impact on the '07 club. Could begin his professional career as high as Birmingham, but the Sox will most likely take a more conservative route.
  3. Justin Edwards | LHP | Olympia HS (FL) | Scouting Video
    Edwards is a diminuative high school lefty without dominating stuff. He did dominate against the best HS competition had to offer in the summer showcases. Figures to start in the Rookie leagues.
  4. Tyler Reves | C | Texas Tech | No Video
    Reves is the definition of a reach. He wasn't even listed in Baseball America's top 200 prospects from the state of Texas, yet the White Sox selected him at #135. It's hard to believe that he wouldn't have been available until at least the 10th round. He hit .300, with some power, for the Red Raiders, but his strike zone control leaves something to be desired. The best thing you can say about Reves is that he threw out 7 of 13 potential base-stealers.
  5. John Shelby | 2B | Kentucky | No Video
    Raw Tools Prospect. That's not the type of description you like to hear about 4-year college players. You'd hope they've realized some of their tools by then. Shelby has speed and power, but struggled for stretches this season, batting only .291. Like Reves, he needs to improve his strike zone control if he hopes to go anywhere in professional baseball. Son of Pittsburgh Pirates bench coach John Shelby.
  6. Brian Omogrosso | RHP | Indiana St. | Scouting Video
    Omogrosso looks more like a linebacker than a pitcher. Listed at 6'4", 230 lbs., he looks even bigger. Similar profile to second rounder Long in that he had Tommy John surgery, then was converted to a college closer. Can touch 96 MPH, but velocity dropped as the season wore on. Switched to a 3/4-sidearm delivery after his surgery. An intriguing project in the mold of Bobby Jenks.
  7. Justin Cassell | RHP | California Irvine | Scouting Video
    There is nothing remarkable about Cassell. He has 4 average pitches to go along with his average college numbers. He does eat innings, in the same way that fellow Anteater and White Sox farm hand Sean Tracey does. Probably will be used to help the ailing Kannapolis team.
  8. Kent Gerst | OF | Ft. Zumwalt West HS (Mo) | No Video
    Gerst is the type of pick many have expected out of the Sox under the Ozzie Guillen regime. He's an outfielder whose best tool is his speed. Apparently he was not a great wiffleball player as a youngster, but he could throw a mean rock.
  9. Chris Duffy | 3B | Cypress Creek HS (FL) | Scouting Video
    Here's the pick that may make or break the Sox '06 draft. Duffy is probably the highest ceilinged HS prospect the Sox have drafted since Chris Young. Like Young, Duffy reportedly has a great make-up, though it's tough to tell from his myspace page. He's unlikely to stick at third, as he reportedly has neither the hands nor footwork to stick at the position. He does have huge power potential, however. BA compared him to Dusty Baker, but I thought he resembled a young David Ortiz in the video. Signability is a concern, but given some of the Sox other draftees, I expect them to have funds alloted to get it done.
  10. Lee Cruz | OF | U of Tampa | Scouting Video
    Cruz posted some ridiculous numbers in Div II, but it's anybody's guess as to how those numbers will translate against tougher competition. One of his teammates was drafted with the #67 pick, so it's unlikely that the Sox got one that slipped through the cracks here.