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The Cheat is not dead

Yeah, I'm still around, but lack of baseball has made me a little bit lazy in updating the main page here. Others haven't been quite as lazy.

  • Like Jim at Sox Machine, who has provided us with a mid-season review of every Sox starter. These aren't just little one paragraph reviews either; they're full length entries. I can only imagine the amount of time he spent putting these together.
  • Frank Thomas is suing the doctors that the White Sox sent him to in 2004. It's worth noting that he's suing the doctors, and not the White Sox.
  • The Office is back, kinda. They're releasing a series of webisodes on the net every Thursday, with the first two being today.
  • Studes uses WPA to take a look at teams as a whole. Some conclusions about the White Sox: they've played in a number of blowouts, good and bad, they've had the most productive, and clutch, offense in baseball, and have been surprisingly good (5th in baseball) on the pitching side of things. This has more to do with Jenks than anyone else.
  • Ozzie TV! Not as exciting as you would have expected.