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Ozzie, bullpen end Count's streak

I don't really feel like writing a recap for that debacle. Rotoworld does a fine job with this concise capsule.

How is it that Contreras was fine to start the eighth in a 3-3 game but wasn't good enough to continue after allowing a single to one of the game's best hitters in Alex Rodriguez? Especially when Matt Thornton was the alternative. Sure, Thornton has had a fine season, but with a pair of patient switch-hitters due up, it was a terrible time to put him in. Jorge Posada singled and Bernie Williams walked to load the bases. Brandon McCarthy took over and got a strikeout of Andy Phillips. However, that just brought another pitching change, and Neal Cotts allowed the Yankees to clear the bases. It was overmanaging at its worst.
That doesn't even bring into account allowing Pablo Ozuna to hit for himself against Farnsworth in the 8th with both Mackowiak and Podsednik available on the bench. Ozuna then was switched to 3B in the bottom of the inning as Crede was apparently gimpy from the HBP. The difference in range there may have resulted in the winning run.