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White Sox Quote of the Day: Don Cooper

Coop on the starting rotation's inconsistency attributed to fatigue (by jon garland among others):

[Joe Cowley]

"We aren't going to buy that. I'm not buying that. Fatigue, my [butt]. You've got about 13 starts left this season. You're getting paid an awful amount of money to go out there and get the job done. "With coming off a championship and salaries the way they are, you've got to take more responsibility. If the word 'fatigue' comes out of anyone's mouth, it's a crutch. That's all it is.'' ... "I'm not going to accept crutches. Bottom line is we have work ahead of us. How can I not believe that they are capable after what they showed us last year? Even when we were up 15 games and started to slide, we had to dig in and go again. Then came the ALDS, ALCS and World Series, and look what we did there.''

Hopefully Coop can work his magic.