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Chris Widger designated for assigmnent

No news as to who the White Sox are bringing in to fill the back-up catcher role.

Update [2006-7-23 18:12:40 by CWSKeith]: According to Soxtalk (this is second-hand), the Score 670 is reporting the Sox have acquired former backstop Sandy Alomar.

This is not 100% confirmed.

Update [2006-7-23 20:25:2 by The Cheat]: The White Sox unveiled two new statues Sunday and announced the arrival of one more. Luis Aparicio and Nellie Fox were honored with bronze statues revealed in a pre-game ceremony on the center field concourse. The third statue will arrive with much less fanfare, as the White Sox have reportedly acquired Sandy Alomar Jr. as a replacement for the discarded Chris Widger.

Widger was not good at the plate this season, batting just .184, but I don't think that's what got him DFA'd. According to the AP, Widger was given his walking papers due to "lack of pre-game preparation," which to me is an indictment of his game calling.

There was a reason Widger was out of baseball prior to the magical '05 run, and it showed in '06. He couldn't hit, was an inferior signal caller when compared to Pierzynski, and couldn't throw out baserunners even when the Sox pitched out. That being said, Alomar is not an upgrade.

Alomar hasn't started a game at catcher since June, for good reason. The Dodgers are 1-12 in games started by the old man this year. He hasn't gone yard since he left the White Sox, and has thrown out only one baserunner in the two years he's been gone. At this point, Alomar would be a better fit sandwiched between Sue and Tutankhamun at the Field Museum rather than sandwiched between Uribe and Anderson on the defending World Series champs.

Terrible move, no matter how little the White Sox gave up.