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The latest on Soriano

I've been hearing some conflicting reports on the Alfonso Soriano situation, but it appears that, indeed, the White Sox are still interested and currently 'in the lead' in the quest to obtain him. From what I've been told, the Sox are trying to put together a package 'based around prospects.' I'm lead to believe that package is centered on last years #1 pick Lance Broadway, but have no other concrete names to attach to the deal. Terribly vague information, I know, but my Rolodex isn't exactly overflowing with baseball contacts. And I am on a Mariotti-like vacation-in-name-only.

My own thoughts is that Kenny really is trying to get Soriano without using anyone off the major league roster. If that's the case, he'd probably have to throw in Fields too. If I was in his shoes, I'd try to pawn off Pods, keeping Fields, and add another arm in the Tracey/Phillips/Haeger mold to the deal. Bowden may have caught Chuck Lamar syndrome after he ripped off Krivsky, and will be looking for huge haul for the 2-month rental.

Update [2006-7-25 23:33:17 by The Cheat]: Passing on more third-hand information. Comcast Sports Net's Chuck Arfien reported that the Sox currently have '3 different deals on the table,' and that 'the Soriano rumors didn't come from them.' That's a bit contradictory and even more vaugue than what I've been told. You can never be wrong if you say something like 'the Sox are carefully weighing their options,' so I thought I'd pass the info along.