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Ozzie Guillen vs. Andy Van Slyke

Because sometimes a little manufactured controversy is more fun than talking about the Sox 3 hits with runners in scoring position over the last 7 days.

Van Slyke: (on Ozzie)

"Do I like what he does sometimes? No," Van Slyke said during the interview. "Would I like it if he showed me up in the dugout? No, I probably would have punched him. Right on the spot.

"But the players have adjusted to his type of style of managing," Van Slyke added.

Guillen: (on Van Slyke)
"I don't waste my time on somebody, don't bother me," Guillen said. "First base coach? Ha ha ha. Just make sure you pick the right helmet at the right time.

"A funny thing about it, if I get attacked by Jim Leyland, then I open my ears. Or get attacked by Jack McKeon, Mike Scioscia, Ron Gardenhire, Bobby Cox, I will listen. But if I get attacked by a coach, then I couldn't care less about what people think about me. I just continue to do my job.

"I'm going to run my club the way I want to run my club," Guillen added. "The only guy who can criticize me about the way I run my club is the general manager and the owner and my players. Twenty-five plus two is 27 who like the way I run the club. That's all I care [about]."

I suppose this is taking some heat off the underperforming offense and gopherballing pitching staff.