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Three mystery deals: is one of them Zito?

Probably irrelavent because Kenny said he's not moving McCarthy, but Comcast Sports Net's Chuck Garfien did say the Sox have '3 deals on the table' without further explanation. Could a deal for Barry Zito be one of them?

If Zito remains with the A's, it won't be because A's GM Billy Beane was unwilling to trade him.

Beane would move Zito without hesitation if the Mets offered Class AAA outfielder Lastings Milledge or the White Sox offered right-hander Brandon McCarthy in multi-player packages.

I wonder if Beane would take a year and a half of Garcia, or even Vazquez.

Update [2006-7-26 13:49:45 by The Cheat]: I didn't hear it, so this is something like 4th hand information, but Buster Olney was on the radio the morning speculating that the White Sox may be involved in a 3-way deal for Zito.