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White Sox Quote of the Day: Greg Walker

Seems there won't be any lineup tweakings, as many of us would like to see (like AJ not batting 6th, or BA not batting 9th):

[Joe Cowley]

"No lineup changes, nothing drastic, nope,'' Walker said. "I hear the critics say we're trying to hit home runs. Look at some of the homers we hit lately: opposite-field home runs, Jim Thome hit one [Tuesday] to center. That's not a sign of a team going up to the plate and saying, 'I'm going to try and hit a home run right here.' That's a sign of guys that are really good, putting good swings on the ball. "Whoever is saying that is dwelling on the moment, and we can take it because we haven't been very good the last two weeks. But the overall picture is these are my guys, and I'm sticking with them.''

Though the "nothing drastic" gives me a little bit of hope; flipping AJ and Crede doesn't seem drastic.

Update [2006-7-27 14:8:39 by thewizardsofoz]: Another tidbit: Coop doesn't want to pull Javy early:

[Mark Gonzales]

"We're trying to give him as much rope as we can get," Cooper said in a passionate pregame interview. "Remember a couple years ago, when the word was going that [Jon] Garland can't pitch past five or six? We gave him a chance to do that. "Without giving the guy the chance to get through that, you're never going to get through it. We'd like to give [Vazquez] more and more opportunities to continue that game. "After five innings [Monday], he had 65 pitches. People say, 'Why didn't you get him out before then?' Well, heck, he's dealing. It just kind of happened. When things aren't going right, you really seem to pay and pay heavily for any mistake you might make."