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Williams shoots down CF trade rumors

In the past week, the White Sox have been connected to Chone Figgins and Andruw Jones in various internet trade rumors.

Kenny Williams went out of his way to put an end to those rumors yesterday.

"I'm not out shopping for a center fielder," Williams insisted. "That ought to say something."


"It's very difficult to find talent that you feel good about on a championship club, and once you do have a plan, you best stick to your guns. Our plan is that [Anderson] is part of the infusion of keeping our club young and energetic and a guy we have in our long-range goals, as well as our short-term goals."

I have faith in Anderson's long-term future, but I wouldn't be against Williams finding a solid defensive CFer who represents an upgrade at the plate for a 3-month rental. Provided the price was right, of course.