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More of the same

Javier Vazquez: "What can I say? It's the same thing that's happened before."
In case you've been too engrossed in America's Got Talent and were wondering what Vazquez means by the 'same thing,' this ought to help:
Inning 1-5: 15IP 2R 9H 0HR
Inning 6+: 2.1IP 13R 12H 4HR
There's really not much more you can say about it. How's the saying go, something about beating a horse?
* * * * *

Here's what I had to say about Bobby's first outing against the Orioles in the first week of July:

The Orioles had a good plan against Jenks. They weren't going to swing at anything off-speed unless they had to, and they were looking to put the fastball in play early. The first three batters did just that, plating 1 run and putting the tying run in scoring position with no outs. I don't know if it was Bobby, or AJ and Ozzie (who came out for a visit) who recognized the O's plan, but they clearly changed their approach from there. Bobby switched to mostly curveballs and sliders, as he struck out the side, only once getting to a 3-ball count.
And that's the same plan the Orioles stuck to on Sunday, only this time, Bobby, AJ, and Ozzie failed to adjust. At the time, I remarked that the adjustment is what made Jenks a better pitcher than last season, an All-Star. But since that first outing against the Orioles at USCF, he's been a mess: 10 innings pitched, 9 walks, 12 hits, and 9 runs allowed.

He's reverted to the exact same pitcher he was around year ago at this time. And that's not a compliment.

That doesn't mean I want him removed from the CLOSER role. I just would like Ozzie to be more creative with his reliever usage. -- He received great accolades, deservedly so, for his quick and easy transition last season from Shingo-to-Hermanson-to-Jenks, even letting Marte and Cotts have their shots at the end of games. For much of this year Bobby has been the only viable option in the 9th, but with the emergence of Thornton and the arrival of MacDougal, it's time to ride the hot hand, play the match-ups. Bobby's not the hot hand right, and after allowing runs to Baltimore in 2 of his previous 3 outings against them, it didn't look like a good match-up either.

I never thought I'd say this, but I actually said I wanted Thornton to come back out for the 9th. With a 1-run lead. To close out the ballgame.

Thornton had been used lightly in the first two games, and breezed through the 8th inning on just 7 pitches. More than anything though, I just wanted to save the bullpen, which had been cooked thanks to near triple digit heat and short outings from our starters. Thornton in the 9th would have left both Jenks and MacDougal available for tonight's game. As it is, I suspect Thornton and Jenks will probably get the night off thanks to throwing in 3 straight games in the blistering heat, further shortening our pen. Cotts sure looks like he could use a night off too.

Let's hope for a CG from Contreras. We might need it.