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Only five more hours left of Punching AJ

AJ, the man who the rest of baseball loves to hate, is currently leading the 32nd man voting by a narrow margin thanks to a 'strong overnight push.' The work is not done, however. With news that AJ is now in the lead, you can bet that Francisco Liriano is suddenly receiving much increased support in San Francisco, Orange County, Northern Cook County, and anywhere else AJ is booed.

Keep it up.

Update [2006-7-6 17:18:33 by The Cheat]: Reports are rolling in that AJ's lead is slipping, or has already slipped enough. Just one hour left. We can hold 'em off.

Update [2006-7-6 18:35:25 by The Cheat]: Congrats White Sox fans. You stuck it to the man. All of baseball hates A.J. Pierzynski, but you were able to stuff the ballot boxes and cancel out countless votes from disgrunted Angels, Giants, Cubs, and Twins fans. You guys rock!

Update [2006-7-6 18:50:13 by thewizardsofoz]: AJ was punched 3.6 million times