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White Sox Quote of the Day: Ken Williams

Don't expect a free agent spending frenzy this winter, expect bringing up players from within the system says kenny:

[Mark Gonzales]

"We have a young bullpen. We have kids coming up that we could plug into a long spot. If we want to go with another left-hander, we could do that. We have position players who could come up and perform better than ... any free agent (we think) is going to be out there. So why go that route?"

Sean Tracey, Boone Logan, Ryan Sweeney, Josh Fields, Chris Stewart come on up!

Update [2006-8-11 15:2:20 by thewizardsofoz]:

Another tidbit: Kenny talked to freddy and denied that he was gonna trade him last winter:

[NW Herald]

"Obviously it was bothering Freddy, so I went directly up to his face, looked him eye-to-eye and told him just because it was in the newspapers last year that he was going to be traded, it doesn't mean that was true. I told him to find me one person who can validate that, because it's simply not true.
"As for the future, I told him the only future I'm concerned about is the one that starts at 7 o'clock tonight."