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You Hearin' Those Footsteps?

Coming into this series, not much was supposed to change in the race for the AL Central divisional crown. So long as neither team swept, the Sox would have still been back anywhere from 7.5-to-9.5 games.

Then again, I sort of think that 5.5 looks just a bit better.

Earlier today, the Sox completed the sweep of the Tigers, sending Detroit to Boston on a five game losing streak.

The Sox finally were able to put it all together for a whole series...


* The Sox bullpen -- rather, the trio of Mike MacDougal, Matt Thorton, and Bobby Jenks -- didn't allow a run in five innings of work in the three game set. Furthermore, they combined for four strikeouts and three hits (with no walks). For all that we've complained about Sox pitching this year, if you get the game into the 8th with this bullpen, it's all but over.


  • Anybody know how the heck Freddy Garcia is getting the job done? He didn't look very good at all for the first five innings of the game. As usual, he settled down in his last three innings of work, but I'm simply amazed that he continues to have these good starts with the 'junk' he's throwing to homeplate. The three Sox starters this series, by the way, combined to throw 22 innings while only surrendering six runs (good for a 2.45 ERA).
  • I can't leave the offense out of the mix, either. Every starter had a hit today except for Scott Podsednik, and even he reached via the walk. Moreover, it's different guys helping out on different days. Take today, for example; the biggest hit in the game was off the bat of Alex Cintron (a bases clearing double). Juan Uribe's double led to a run, and Brian Anderson had a key sacrifice bunt and an RBI single leading.
And, finally...

* Where are you, Cheat?