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White Sox Quote of the Day: Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie and his magic ride:

[Joe Cowley]

"If you continue to win series, you will be in the playoffs. You would have to be in the playoffs. We have 46 games left, and if we play .500 the rest of the way, we would win 90-something games. If we can't get in the playoffs with 95 wins, just call my helicopter and I'll go home."

On the Kansas City series:

[Tony Ginetti]

"Right now, my job and my coaches' is to keep the guys up because we've just played New York and Detroit, but you have to make sure you stay up to play Kansas City [starting today] and don't take them lightly. Kansas City can be dangerous because they play hard and [manager] Buddy Bell doesn't let those guys get lazy. He keeps pressure on them to play well, and now with Mike Sweeney back, we have to always be careful with them. We've beaten them in the years I've been here, but it's always a battle."