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2nd White Sox Quote of the Day: Don Cooper

Coop sees the swagger coming back on the starting rotation:

[Joe Cowley]

"I've seen it in sidelines, I've seen it with how they're working, heard it with how they're talking. I'm not surprised. How could I be surprised? I've seen these guys win a world championship, and have to rise to every occasion. I'm cautiously optimistic that this is the beginning. We've got 40-some regular season games to go and then we have to win 11 games in the playoffs again. I believe in my heart we can do it. They're talking better, more confident. A guy like Freddy [Garcia] saying he feels strong. I mean Freddy wasn't feeling good at the start of the season. [Jon] Garland, [Mark] Buehrle, weren't feeling good at the start of the season. Now, my eyes tell me something, my ears hear things, my gut feels things. I've been seeing a lot of good signs. And if I would have told you that three weeks ago, you would have said I was crazy."