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Mark Buehrle finally won a game!

Since July 1, the White Sox ace has as many wins as Adam Bernero.

I'll take 6 innings of 2-run baseball any day, but Mark Buehrle continued his string of un-Buehrle-like performances, even surrendering a homerun on the very first pitch he threw. The only runs he allowed were solo shots by David Dejesus and Emil Brown, both no-doubters, but he walked 3, and needed three double plays to erase the parade of Royals baserunners.

In some respects, Buehrle is pitching much better than during his dreadful July; he's allowing much fewer hits and avoiding the middle of the zone better. But, he still gives you that feeling that he's only one pitch away from really making the game ugly. He has such little room for error, and was lucky that his mistakes today came with the bases empty.

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Bobby Jenks technically gets credit for the save -- though he conjured images of Billy Koch in a Sox uniform in doing so -- but it was Brian N. Anderson who truly saved the game with his hustle to hold Angel Berroa at 3rd on Dejesus' double. The ball into the left center field gap looked like it was headed for the wall, easily scoring the tying run in the process, but Anderson cut it off and quickly fired back to the cutoff man, setting up the eventual double-play scenario that played out to end the game.