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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Freddy Garcia & Ozzie Guillen

Freddy on tonight's game:

[Scot Gregor]

"I'm up for it. Hopefully, we play the same way we did against the Yankees and the Tigers. It was like we forgot to play that way against the Royals. For us right now, every game is huge."

Hopefully the "Big Game" version shows up.

* * * * *

And Ozzie on yesterday's game:

[Leslie Parker]

"I think we won the game because of Brian Anderson and the way he cut off the ball in the outfield. I think a lot of people think about [the double play] at the end of the game, but I think when Brian caught that ball in the outfield, it gave us a chance. I think that's why we won it. That was the play of the game."

No Mack in the metrodome and comerica Ozzie!