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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie on the lineup composition for this week:

[Scott Merkin]

"We are trying to stay with the same lineup, if that's possible, for this week. I expect everyone to be ready to go, and I expect everyone to know they have to be ready. The way we have been playing all year long, people should be in good condition."

Mark Gonzales reports the only change should be Ozuna for Podsednik on Sunday's game against Santana.

* * * * *

And Ozzie on Uribe playing hurt and not telling him:

[Joe Cowley]

"Uribe can't put me in a position like that. No player can. They have to come and tell me if they have an injury. That can't continue, or I will get that person out of here. You won't lose a job if you get hurt, but if someone tells me they were playing hurt the last five days, that [ticks] me off. It's about respect. They have to know who is running the show. When you lose one player in the clubhouse, believe me, 24 other players are going to follow them. That's not going to happen to me. Like Rauch, he went down to the minor leagues after he pitched for us and told the minor-league manager and coaches, 'I was hurt when Ozzie pitched me.' What? He goes out there and loses games and doesn't tell me he was hurt? All he had to do was tell me his elbow hurt, or whatever. We'll replace you. But to not report to me what is wrong and then use an excuse you are hurt? You [bleepin'] put me in a position like that? I don't need those types of people. That's why his ass was out of here.''

Cowley reports Ozzie "was fed up with Uribe's lack of professionalism" last week.