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White Sox Quote of the Day: Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie doesn't like what he sees in Uribe lately:

[Joe Cowley]

''[Uribe] looks like he cares less. I think he's trying to bring his bat to the field. If it's not that way, it seems like that because every time he makes the last out, he goes out and ... I don't care if my players make errors, I don't. But it really bugs me when players make an error, and I don't see they're trying not to make an error. I think you see the last couple of errors he's made. He's just thrown the ball to first base. I don't mind if you don't catch it, but when you catch it, you have to use your tools day in and day out. You see Uribe's arm, when he plays around with it and makes errors, it bugs me. Because I was a shortstop, and I want my shortstop to be the best he can every day. You have to understand that when you make errors like that, you give your pitcher another inning ... 10, 12, 14 more pitches. If you want to be the best, you have to try and be the best every day.''