Mark Buehrle -- Charted.


0-5, 11.48 ERA, 26 2/3 IP, 1.95 WHIP, .392 BAA

If you've paid any attention whatsoever to the White Sox in the last month, you'd know that the line above resembled Mark Buehrle's worst month of his career; July 2006.  

That is pretty much the reasoning for doing this.  I've seen complaints about pitch selection during Buehrle's latest starts.  I've seen complaints about velocity.  Why has Mark Buehrle been so bad the last month?

Well, I'm happy to say that I don't have the answer to that, because tonight, "Buehrle was Buehrle".  Maybe we can see, though, why he was successful.  

Let it be known...

These numbers aren't perfect.  For one, the best way of doing this (for an amateur) would probably be to watch the game on, pausing it after every pitch.  I did it live.  

Second, we all know how quickly he likes to work.  Let's just say that didn't make it any easier for me.

Third, WCIU missed about five or six first-pitches of the inning.  I'm probably doing WCIU a favor by only saying five or six -- I'm fairly certain it was more.

The Basic Box Score...

Tonight against the Royals, Buehrle threw six innings, allowing two runs (both earned) on four hits.  Buehrle walked one and struck out three.  The two runs he allowed came off of a Reggie Sanders homerun.  The rest of the hits were all singles (Teahen 2, Phillips).  Of the 15 in-play outs, Buehrle recorded 12 groundball outs to three flyball outs.  He faced a total of 22 batters.

Inside the Pitches...

Note:  There wasn't enough time in between pitches to actually say what the pitch was (cutter, curveball, etc).  I did, however, get as many pitch speeds down as WCIU chose to show.  Also note that the total pitches may not add up to 93 (Buehrle's final pitch count), as I wasn't able to get close to ten pitch speeds.

Percentage of type of pitch:

  • 70 MPH or Less:  7/93 = 7.5%
  • 71-to-75 MPH:  6/93 = 6.4%
  • 76-to-80 MPH:  21/93 = 22.5%
  • 81-to-85 MPH:  38/93 = 40.7%
  • 86 MPH or Higher:  11/93 = 11.8%
  • Highest gun reading = 89 MPH
    Lowest gun reading = 67 MPH

    Attacking the Plate...

    vs. righties

    Buehrle threw a total of 74 pitches to right-handed batters:

  • 31/74 (41.9%) of his pitches were thrown to the outside corner.  Of those 31 pitches, eight were recorded for strikes, 14 were recorded for balls, three were outs (one K), five were fouled off, while one was hit for a homer.
  • 23/74 (31.1%) of his pitches were over the middle of the plate.  Of those 23 pitches, four were strikes, nine were balls, six were outs (three beings K's), three were fouled off, and one was hit for a single.
  • 16/74 (21.6%) of his pitches were thrown to the inside corner of the plate.  Of those 16 pitches, six were taken for balls, two were strikes, four were recorded four outs, while four were fouled off.
  • Four pitches to righties were unknown where the location was.
  • vs. lefties
  • 11/19 (57.9%) of his pitches were outside/away to lefties.  Of those 11 pitches, four were recorded for strikes, four were recorded for balls, one was recorded for an out, while two were fouled off.
  • 3/19 (15.8%) of his pitches were down the middle to lefties.  Of those three pitches, one was hit for a single, while two were recorded for outs.
  • 4/19 (21.1%) of his pitches were inside to lefties.  Of those four pitches, two were balls, one was hit for a single, and another was hit in play for an out.
  • One pitch to lefties was unknown where the location was.
  • What this all means...

    Well, I'll take a closer look tomorrow, but I figure you guys can also make some conclusions from it.  I actually cut the whole batter's zone into nine different parts (vertically:  up, middle, and low.  Horizontally:  left, middle, and right), although I confused myself on some of the pitches.

    Just taking a quick glimpse, one can see that Buehrle was hell on righties tonight when he went inside.  They didn't touch anything on the inside part of the plate.  Without looking too closely of the speed of the pitches, but remembering the game itself, Mark did a really good job with his cutter tonight.

    I'd like to repeat that the data isn't perfect.  There are most likely a couple of mistakes.

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